North Peace River Parish History

The North Peace River Parish in the diocese of Caledonia has a rich and deep history. This page is nothing but a starting point for your exploration of our parish. Without truly knowing from where we came, it is very difficult to know where it is that God is leading us. We hope that you will find the history of this particular place as interesting as its future holds.

Please use the links located at the left to see the individual congregation's history. Most of the history for this place is really tied up with one another, so some histories of the congregations will spill over into others' stories. We have tried to put some pictures up for you to see of the various churches and artifacts. Hyperlinks are also to be found within the text, so that when you click on them, you will be taken to another site that has more information.

A Gift From Monica Storrs

Storrs BCPThis book, “The Book of Common Prayer Noted by John Merbecke 1550” published by William Pickering of London in 1844, is a gift to be kept in perpetuity, in the care of the priest in charge of the North Peace River Parish.

The book belonged to Dr. John Jebb of England. Dr. Jebb, the nephew of the famous bishop of Limerick, was a zealous reformer and liturgical expert. If you carefully turn to the front fly leaf of the book you will find his name signed there. In the last few pages of the book, you will find his handwritten verification of the contents of this book as compared with that of the original copy from “Archbishop Marsh’s library in Dublin.

At some point, this book made its way into the hands of Sir Stephen Gaselee (1882-1943), a Knight Librarian, Classical Scholar and keeper of the papers at the Foreign Office in 1920. He was also the author of several books on Latin and the early printing press. He was a member of the Committee on the Relations of the Church of England with the Eastern Churches.

Sir Gaselee gave this book as a gift to Sir Ronald Henry Amherst Storrs (1881-1955), the brother of Monica Storrs, in May of 1932. [Monica was instrumental in the founding of the Anglican Church in this northern region of British Columbia.] This was one year after Sir Storr’s library and art collections were destroyed by fire in Cyprus during the war that took place when Cyprus was joining with Greece. The book was subsequently given to his sister, Monica Storrs on the 13th November 1933 and was signed, “M from R, 13 n 33 Piccolo mondo antico.” [Monica from Ronald, 13 Nov 1933, small ancient world].

Monica returned to England in 1950. During Ascension-tide of 1951 in London, England, Monica bequeathed the book to the parish she helped form. “To the Priest in charge of the North Peace River Parish, to be kept or used where and as he thinks best, As a symbol of our Church Fellowship throughout the years, and across the seas, from Monica Storrs…In thankful memory of 1929-1950.

~ Information research by the Reverend Eric Melby, November 2006.