Service Times

The Church of the Good Shepherd is an historical chapel. Our worship is every Sunday at 09:30 am.

We alternate between Morning Prayer(1st and 3rd Sundays) and Holy Communion (2nd and 4th Sundays), using the Book of Alternative Services. The Book of Common Prayer is used on the 5th Sunday of a month.

A time for coffee and light snacks takes place after the service in the cozy basement.

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Church of the Good Shepherd - Taylor

Taylor chapelThe Church of the Good Shepherd was the third church to be erected in the North Peace Parish.

"This beautiful little shrine is a Memorial to the four young daughters of Mr. Otto Hoffstrom who were accidentally drowned in the Peace River in July, 1933. Their father gave the land and all the lumber; Mr. Wolfendale (1st Priest of the Parish) and many neighbours worked with him, and the church was ready for consecration in six weeks. Inside are two fine memorial tablets and a beautiful font, all of local carved stone bearing the names of the four little girls (Lillian, Florence, Olga, and Agnes)." ~ Monica Storrs

When Mr. Hoffstrom and his four daughters were returning home from Celebrations in Dawson Creek, their car plunged accidentally from the ferry into the Peace River. Otto, a strong swimmer, leaped from the submerging vehicle and fought the swift current to grab his youngest, only to have her pulled from his grasp. Again and again he struggled to reach his children, but the treacherous Peace claimed its four young victims.

There was no need to call for volunteers to build the church, it was built in record time. Otto closed his sawmill and worked with the men contributing his skill and his best lumber. The neat wooden building was finished on August 28th of the same year.

The lovely row of spruce trees that line the walkway up to the church were planted by Mr. Ernie McKnight, a son of and one of the early pioneers of Taylor.